The Competitors of PaintON in Warsaw!
Wine and paint, a small team of 2-10 , Warsaw based Sip and paint group, founded on Sep,2017. But conduct events in all parts of Poland.Conducted 50 events.
Wine and Paint

Wine and Paint Party for the first events in Poland combining social meetings with the possibility of painting your painting. It's great fun and relaxation.
Together with a group of over a dozen wonderful, interesting, open people, immerse yourself in art and create your own work. Personally, I'll help you paint your own picture - even if you've never had paint before. See for yourself how easy and pleasant it is! We have templates and inspirations from Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock, Dwurnik and many other masters.

About events :
-From March- 05 April ,2019- 4 B2B events/month
Average guest/Month - 30
-They also cater to english speaking clients.
-In the end of March,2019 they conducted an event for Mckinsey too.

Service offering and pricing:

-Spanish evening 160PLN + VAT
-Italian evening 199PLN + VAT
-French evening 239PLN + VAT
All the events include unlimited wine and finger food.

-cost: 150 PLN with 50PLN advanced payment.
-Frequency: Approx 3/Month
-Includes tools, classes, Unlimited wine and snacks.

-Birthdays, Baby showers, Hen party, casual evening with friends.
-Price: Not known
-Includes painting classes, wine tasting and proper food.

Team Building:
Open Events:
Private parties:

Event Locations:
-They don't seem to have their own building for conducting events.They rent locations. ( Wine Bureau Polsky most used location- well connected and at the centre)

-They conduct outdoor events too.

-Majority of their recent events have been taking place in Warsaw. But they also conducts events in Wraclow, Lublin, Mokotow and other cities in Poland.

Final thoughts:
Wine & Paint just started in the late 2017, they are the most prominent one in their category in Poland. And seeing that they have conducted 4 corporate events in the last 1 month and that they conduct 3 open classes a month.They are definitely consistent with their events and are aiming to growing.
Are they a threat to PaintON? Not any time soon.Since they are a very small group and are good at what they do. It might be a good idea to invite them to join our team and help our Warsaw office.