We are always "ON"
To be ON means to be ignited, fully energized an always positive, like after a couple of glass of good wine.
A wider portfolio of experiences
We are gradually expanding our portfolio of branded experiences to provide a well differentiated offer, allowing for our clients to come every time for something new.
What do these Experiences have in Common?
All our experiences are engineered to be EPIC, meaning to have moments of Engagement, Pride Insight and Connection
Our events are engineered to be super-engaging, hands on and fun :)
All our experiences are hands-on and will make you feel proud of what you & your team mates make with your own hands.
You will learn something new about food, wine, art, and more importantly about each other
Our experiences are extremely social and aim to create strong bondings among all participants
A Red ocean
An extremely fragmented and highly competitive market made. Players are usually rather small with almost entirely flexible cost structure.
Moscow and Saint Petersburg
The market for Open ART PARTIES is rather small accounting in 2018 for approximately 2.6 million dollars (168 Million rubles) between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
Moscow monthly market
In Moscow we have 13 competitors accounting for approximately 10.5M rubles monthly turnover (160K USD). Top player is Painty (21%) thanks to both premium positioning and high number of master-classes, followed by Art-Funny (19%) in the low price segment
Moscow: Open Parties Competitors
Premium market segment is in reality practically untapped as the highest cost registered is 3.000 rubles.
@3000 rubles Painty is offering one drink of your choice (including wine) and Photographer.
Saint Pete. monthly market
In Saint Petersburg we have only 6 competitors accounting for approximately 3.5M rubles monthly turnover (54K USD). Painty hold 50% market share with a price slightly below Moscow (-500 rubles), followed by Art&Wine and by Art Sunset party having jointly 23% of the market. All top players are present both in Moscow and Saint Petersburg,
Saint Petersburg: Open parties Competitors
There are 3 kids of "Closed" parties. Here PAINTON has a disproportionate advantage vs. it's Paint and Sip competitors as we can easily upsell (Food, Drinks, Decorations, Activities, etc).

• Most companies provided corporate @higher price - little differenciation
• Few players provided kids parties
• Hen's night are usually normal paint and sip parties without 'spicy element'
• Birthday parties seem not to be the real focus
Corporate (B2B)
• Painty (Mo + Stp)
• Art Funny :) (Mo)
• Art Sunset party (Mo + Stp)
• Pick Art gallery (Mo)
• Wine & Art (Mo + Stp)
• Art Evening (Mo)
• Kristi Kraski (Mo)
• Arti Shock (Mo)
• Art Sudio 8 (STP)
Birthdays (B2C)
• Painty (Mo + Stp)
• Art Funny :) (Mo)
• Art Sunset party (Mo + Stp)
• Pick Art gallery (Mo)
• Wine & Art (Mo + Stp)
• Art Evening (Mo)
• Kristi Kraski (Mo)
• Arti Shock (Mo)
• Art Sudio 8 (STP)
Hen's Nights (B2C)
Kids Parties (B2C)
Corporate Events
Pricing of corporate events are not very transparent, most of the players provide 'personalised' quotes and have some product differentiation.
Product Differentiation
Price depend also on number of particiapants
One Large picture
All the team join efforts in one very large picture creation
• Wine & Art
• Art Evening 3000 Rub
• Kristi Kraski n/a
Finger Painting
Paint with your hands
• Wine & ART

The Bigger Picture
Combination of small painting individually or done in group
• Wine and Art n/a
• Pick Art Gallery 3000 Rub
• Painty 4000 Rub
• Art Evening 3000 rub
• Arty Shock n/a

ART Party
Similar Art-Party to the open class
• Wine and Art
• Painty 3300 rub
• Art Evening 3000 Rub
• Pick Art Gallery 4900 rub
• Draw up Studio 2000 rub or less
• Kristi Kraski n/a
• Art d'Vino n/a
• Art sunset Party
Painting with Wine
Wine tasting evening
• Painty

Wine Casino or wine tasting
Wine Casino format
• Wine and Art
ART team building
Competitige scenario
Art team building: 2500 Rub
In case of large number can drop to 2000 (100 to 200 guests) and then to 1500 (>200 guests)
Art team building: 2500 Rub

Art team building:

2000 Rub - Individual pictures
2500 Rub - The big picture

They have also culinaryon teambuildings @CULINARYON

No information about the prices
No information about the prices